Office Space, Limerick

polyflor radisson blu athlone

Job Details

DESSO’s Fuse Create carpet planks and Fields carpet tiles were selected to create a unique, nature inspired office space in Limerick. The vibrant carpet tiles were combined to form separate zones and collaborative spaces for different departments within an open plan layout.

Fuse Create was installed in plank format, with each plank consisting of two contrasting colour schemes. Bright red and yellow tones were set against softer grey hues to create a seamless transition from one space to another. The linear pattern also defines clear zones and helps create a feeling of movement across the floor.

Fields carpet tiles were installed in forest greens in the meeting areas and compliment other naturalistic features in the office, including wooden pillars, planted trees and forest wall imagery. Rich orange tones were also used for communal spaces, establishing a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The fading transitions of Fuse Create were used alongside Fields to add movement and soften the transitions between the different zones.

Products Used

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kitchen radisson blu athlonepolyflor kitchen radisson blu athloneradisson blu athlone kitchen polysafe
kitchen radisson blu athlonepolyflor kitchen radisson blu athlone

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