Kronotex News

Kronotex News

New Kronotex High Performance Mammut & Glamour Ranges

PFL have recently introduced Mammut and added new decors to the Glamour range of Kronotex floors that are now available ex-stock.

Mammut panels are extra hard, extra long with an authentic natural wood look combining the best of Robusto and Exquisit and come with a commercial rating of AC5 Class 33. V-groove’d on four sides the panels are easy to install with the Kronotex click system.

  • V.Groove on 4 sides
  • Kronotex Click System
  • Antistatic
  • Comfortable Under Foot
  • Commercial Rating 33 / AC5
  • Panel : 1375x188x12mm
  • Box: 5 panels / 1.293 m2
  • Pallet: 56 boxes / 72.38 m2

Glamour is offered with all the guarantees for demanding usage you would expect from a Kronotex floor. It’s sophisticated and exclusive high gloss surface is obtained using several layers of extremely hard wearing lacquer and is designed for a variety of uses.

The 8mm panels are v-grooved on four sides and come in a variety of decors from marble tiles to wood planks.

  • V-groove on 4 sides
  • Kronotex click system
  • High Gloss Surface
  • Abrasion Class AC4
  • Tile Panel: 644 x 310 x 8mm
  • Box: 10 Panels / 1.996 m2
  • Pallet: 42 Boxes / 83.849 m2
  • Wood Panel: 1376 x 193 x 8mm
  • Box: 8 Panels / 2.125 m2
  • Pallet: 32 Boxes / 68.00 m2