Allure & Verve

The Ultimate in Underlay Performance

Floorwise have introduced two high performance underlays in Super Heavy Density Plus (SHD+) specification to bring homes the ultimate in lasting performance and recovery.

With Allure, homeowners can enjoy the luxury of an 11mm recycled polyurethane foam underlay that will deliver exceptional underfoot comfort throughout the home, even in busy living spaces where enduring recovery is vital in lasting performance. With a new and improved non-woven fleece back that adds extra stability, there is no doubting that Allure is a premium underlay for demanding situations. Contributing to increased carpet life, keeping rooms warmer and providing excellent sound-absorption.

Again, enjoying the recovery and durability advantages of SHD+, Verve delivers a 9mm thick recycled polyurethane underlay that provides a great all-round choice for homes wanting a quality option. Breathing extra life into carpet, Verve delivers comfort for years and helps to make for a warmer and quieter home. With a new and improved non-woven fleece backing to provide extra stability.

Both underlays are made in the UK and can be fully recycled at the end of their long life. Guaranteed for the lifespan of all types of carpet, Allure and Verve exceed all BS standards.

Both are available now.